Loss of emotions…….

Wendy, I wish I had a magic wand. We’re surrounded by rudeness everyday and living with dementia highlights how it hurt and how important it is just to say sorry. Take care.

Which me am I today?

Outrage is one emotion that appears to be missing in my repertoire of emotions now. Maybe this shows again the individuality of the dementia experience. The emotion I feel in abundance though is sadness. This appears to have superseded all others. Situations that would once have annoyed or outraged me are now replaced by making me sad – tears flow more easily than before. I seem to feel just 3 emotions now; happy, content or sad.. They are very basic emotions but highly emotive and decisive in highlighting how something or someone makes me feel, be it a situation, person or object.

Last week, as many people will know, I was missed off as a speaker at a conference. I was due to open the afternoon session and was forgotten. The omission was outrageous and unforgivable and the chair should have apologised as soon as she realised or as soon…

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